Expanded Cinema

There is an interesting website called Expanded Cinema.

The student of architecture should expand the ideas horizon and indulge on interests, discuss architects, architecture and other disciplines. Blog writing, cinema, product design or painting water colours. Whatever you choose, it’s fine.

Expanded cinema showcases work by artists using videos. Richard Breer’s work reminded me of De Stijl’s work and the idea of elementarism.



  1. hi,
    i was just wondering where are you teaching now and where are you greaduated from. i heard my friend complaining about local (malaysia) architecture school. i’m studying archtecture in NUS (national university if singapore) and i;m having a lot of fun here. was thinking if you graduated from other overseas university and now teaching in malaysia university or college and can see the difference between the different culture. also wanted to know what’s your say about the local students compared the the overseas students? my questions only applicable if you graduated from overseas university and curently teaching in local university. thanks.

    chinwei yr 2 aki

  2. Hi Chinwei,

    I am teaching at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. I was trained in the UK for my RIBA Part 1 & 2. I think the quality of local students and overseas students are the same at the start of the course. I believe that the difference is in terms of learning approach. In Malaysia we are subjected to Malaysian Architects Board (LAM)’s accreditation process. However this debate is not stand alone and must be deliberated further by understanding that the nature of the architectural profession that is changing rapidly. It used to be that you get away with just being a good visualiser, but now you must be good in three languages if you want to excel in Asia – that is English, Mandarin and your country’s language. And secondly you must have excellent social skills and fit right in where you work.

  3. well, thanks for the response. actually my friend is currently studying architecture in UM , year 3. haha…all the best in your carrer and future undertakings. take care. maybe can share some of your student works here… 🙂

  4. really2 luv d indie-moods….wow..juz noticed d expandedcinema.blogspot..thx,cik nazi for d updates…..

    ~seems like not been ‘slaving’ to virtual 4 such a long period….haha..

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