Trip to Siem Reap

Hi guys,

Please be at KLIA by 9 AM on Thursday, 12th July 2007.

Departure at 11 am. Arrival at12:05 pm at Siem Reap. (Flight is 2 hours and 5 minutes long.)

Meet Bunna Phing at 1 pm . Check into hotel at 2 pm. Afternoon tour after check-in. Meeting after dinner. Next day site visit.

I am just sharing you what was written on the board just now.

BUDGET – You need to bring at least 200USD, based on the following cost breakdown:

Accommodation – 30 USD (Either the double – 14 USD or Triple – 16 USD)

Airport Tax – 25 USD

Angkor Wat Entrance – 20 USD

Travel & Tours – 25 USD (including tips. James recommend not more than 10 USD)

Food (estimation) – 50 USD

Total = 150 USD

Yee Ping suggested RM 600 needed for trip.

SITE ANALYSIS – 3 GROUPS excluding USC’s programme group


1)Building Cost – low cost building materials and construction or methods that would be feasible (source – local contractors)

2) Building Regulation – regulation on building setbacks or any other limitations / parameters

3) Climatic conditions – wet and dry seasons, monsoon rains

4) School schedule – information to functions

Site Measurements:

1) Site plan drawn by USC students to confirm the measurements

2) Existing topography (vegetation), structures (blocks), infrastructure

Socio- culture:

1) Architecture / typology

2) Community studies: Interviews with local people on their events, life (family, religion, community), work (what they do, including traders, farmers etc)

Tour Leader: Class Rep. 

Class Committee:

Class Rep.: Axxu

Assistant Class Rep.: Seah

Secretary: Shazuin

Treasurer: Aneesa

Logistics: Iskandar

Technical: Kar Wai


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