The Kop’s Stadium

 If you are a Liverpool FC fan you would certainly be excited these days. With almost 40 million pounds worth of new signings with the likes of Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel, and the recently unveiling of the new stadium, things are looking very bright indeed. Of course like McManaman’s recent comments that Liverpool still will struggle to win the Premiership’s cup, at least the mood is optimistic rather than not with the new changes that is being done ever since Liverpool lost in the final of the Champion’s League last May.

The new stadium was inspired by the Kop which is essentially a word meaning “the hill” which is what the kop is really when you visit Anfield. A hill of supporters behind the team, it was meant to spiritually lift the game when it matters most. Often the players would cite the Kop (the supporters) as the 12th men in the team. It is so interesting that the architect for this stadium sat at the Kop and absorbed the atmosphere to come up with the latest design.

“THE ARCHITECT behind Liverpool FC’s new stadium last night revealed how he instantly realised the “spiritual experience” of the club’s famous Kop end when he visited Anfield. Bryan Trubey, principal designer at Dallas-based architects HKS, was brought to Liverpool to watch the club’s Champion’s League match against Barcelona in March. “It’s hard to say what you are thinking (when you sit in the Kop),” he said. “I was trying to absorb as much of the passion as I could. I noticed this really incredible thing that was the songs that are sung. This is a spiritual experience for the fans.” Link

The Kop’s Stadium.jpg

View Inside

Further news on the stadium: Link 


  1. haha,
    i cant deny that the liverpool have a bright future by signed star players..
    but manchester united is still more bright!

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