5th Yr Design Crit

I attended part of the 5th year Design Thesis Crit Session yesterday. I had a look around and generally, I detected mostly crisp, just printed A3 sheets of information on the partitions, and less of grubby butter-paper and sketches type of visual presentation… except for a few of the students.

I only managed to attend 3 – 4 presentations, so I am just going to give a general impression of what I have seen and heard so far. (Perhaps not?)

Most of the students tend to be shy of taking risks and jumping into the conceptual design stage. Is it because they do not know how to (this is worrying) or because they play a “cat and mouse game” (this would be more worrying), and when they did jump into it, how did they do it (?) Was there much study and analysis involved earlier?

Okay, this is my opinion based on a few crits and looking at all the presentation on the boards fairly quickly. I could say that there was not much analysis done. Most of what is presented lack depth in the analysis and studies, because it is evident from the presentation that the students need to look into a bigger perspective, need to be more conceptual in their approach.

Somehow Azmi managed to have a more conceptual approach. If only he would say it in 10 minutes rather than 20 minutes. This in itself makes me conclude that Azmi is really feeling his way through. He needs a proper coach and he needs to be more cutting and precise. He also needs to dress up a bit more for the occasion. Don’t you want to catch more fish (possible employers) Azmi?

I did not manage to sit during Najwa’s presentation but I had an inkling how she had presented. It was much better than in the 4th year. She had improved and I think she genuinely like the topic. If she managed to get a few blind people to follow her around and she herself actually could relate how they feel and convey that to the critics, I would say she will do well in the thesis.

Well, that should give some idea about the 5th year crits this semester. I will just go around the 5th year studio when I can and ask the students personally about their projects.

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