Curriculum Review

Excuse me for being emotional as we cannot exclude our feelings when we deal with something that we care about. We care about our learning programmes at UM. We must be passionate and anything less will relegate us to the role of posers and robots.

Posers are just muppets letting other people pull the strings. It would be very good indeed if those people pulling the strings have the same objectives as us, but if not, then the learning programme will be doomed.
Another idea is to make sure people know exactly what we want and that it all fits into the overall framework.

We must make explicit what we want.

We want DESIGN PROCESS to be an important part of the programme.

We want ARCHITECTURAL TYPES and TYPOLOGY to be an important learning component of the training of the Architect.

We want DESIGN PHILOSOPHY to be the ‘seed’ where the branches and roots of ideas would sprout from.

With this grounding apart from the emphasis on drafting and model-making, the students will be able to VISUALISE better. They will be able to identify theselves as a would be architect.


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