Life as an Artist

Deeper joints and more insightful connections…that is what I want to make. I feel disengaged and unsatisfied when I have to skim, surface and ‘overalled’ my work.

We all are artists. There are parts of us that write, paint, draw, compose and create things. That part of us needs to be nurtured and grow. That part of us feels for what happens around us.

Yesterday, I went to this Merdeka Architects Forum at Petronas Twin Towers. A group of people that gathered there were part of Malaysia’s Architectural History. All felt the pain of indifference. All were swollen and hurt when Subang Airport was demolished. You need history because the memory is important. It is not nostalgia. It’s a connection to a Deeper History. 

I believe that the role of the artist changes, according to the time that he or she must inhabit. I have felt strongly that in our time, the inner life, the imaginative life, the life of the mind, needed strengthening and protection, because we live so much on the outside, pretending that all our needs can be met by a bit more shopping and better technology. I have never been much interested in naturalistic writing – a kind of printed version of TV dramas, and I have tried to use the exactness of a heightened poetic language to prompt thought and to make new connections – not surface connections, but deeper joints. (Jeannette Winterson)


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  1. Subang Airport got demolished a bit too quietly! I only got wind of it from here. Too make a bit more fuss, I’ve put up a post Remember ember Subang?. I’ve only managed to get a couple of blurred pictures from the net, but including one of the grand spiral ramp. I’m sure there’s millions more photos out there!

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