The Difference Between What You Want and What They Want

It is like a huge gap…between what you want and what they want. If you keep on doing things because they want it so, or you think you are going to get somewhere thinking that this is probably what they want and you will probably get somewhere, perhaps a promotion or lots of reward, unless you have it in writing and in a contract…Forget it!

I have spoken and known so many architects who are pratising having potential clients not paying for their preliminary designs. It’s the same thing when you think about whatever that is you are doing, studying or working.

You are doing something and you need to get it done. You then go about doing it mechanically and just following procedures. Your mind is numb and you are not excited. You are not allowed to explore and get excited.

Well, dear…that is your fault, to be honest. You can choose not to be preconceived in life and do things how you would like and want it to be.

It is your coice.


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