The Black Box

“However, as numerous commentators from Reyner Banham to Jeremy Till have pointed out, architectural education is a bit like a ‘‘black box’’ in so far as students enter as laypersons and exit as architects, but what happens within the black box is little understood.” (Webster,2007)

What sort of a black box is our school?  I think the first two years will make a lot of difference on how our students perceive what is an architect. A set of disciplined teaching is needed where we will bring this ‘layperson’ to a point where he or she can find him or herself.

A black box of discovery is needed where we will create defining moments. A sense of discovery will only be possible when a set of belief is made to overcome a set of challenges. I know it is not as simple as it sounds but we have done these ‘sets’ before. It is now for an in depth review and how we shall provide the right set of challenges.


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