Zlg’s Challenge Park

Look here. We must collaborate. Take time to gel. Work out projects together. Find meaningful association.

Architecture is a dialogue – between materials and ideas, between functionality and beauty, between personal taste and good design, between human beings and the natural world. (Jeanette Winterson)

I have been following Huat Lim for ages. No, I have not been stalking him. I have been watching him professional-wise. There is something about him that exudes purpose and direction. He has something to say.

We collaborated earlier. He came in as a part-time studio master. He had a lot to give to students. His approach is research-based. Sometimes I am not sure exactly what he is saying, but I know what he meant when he said something.

I met him at his company the other day. It is thriving and after a long wait something is emerging.

After coming back from my study leave, I think it is time to collaborate further. One must always get inspired.

(Picture above shows The Challenge Park which is something I am looking forward to as it is now in the piling construction stage at Putrajaya.)


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