Architecture + Urbanism

“S333 believes that rapidly increasing urbanism is presenting new challenges for the (architecture) profession and our world. Given the opportunity, S333 enters the design process earlier than normal shifting the emphasis from solving singular problems to searching for the right questions.” (Link)

What are the right questions?

Why does S333 view Architecture + Urbanism as one?

Why does S333 expressed that designers cannot just concentrate on one problem (one project) to solve, but to look wider for the right questions to ask?

S333’s suggestions seems to be similar to an approach of doing a thesis. Reading around the subject before entering the subject properly. Addressing links and complexities.

Another blogger also discussed this issue, arguing against modern movement’s zoning principles, suggesting that, for example,”zoning destroys many forms of exchange and holds back the complexity of the city.”

This blogger’s link is:

Emergent Urbanism

We need to define Urbanism.

A quick googling about the www resulted in these definitions:

Urbanism means “the culture or way of life of city dwellers” and “urbanization”. Another defines urbanism as “the characteristic way of life of city dwellers”, “the study of the physical needs of urban societies” or “city-planning” and again, “urbanization”.

Another blogger questions the accepted definition of Jane Jacobs and James Kunstler (which coincidentally reflected ‘New Urbanism’ theories in the 1980s and 90s). The blogger proposed that “our ‘urbanism’ is more interested in the flows of capital, commerce, politics, entertainment, knowledge, etc. and how such flows inform the built environment” and not necessarily Jacobs’ thinking. (Link)

This ideas reminded me more of Tokyo than Boston. It reflects closely an Asian city rather than a European one. But Asian cities want to be modeled after European cities?

The Baroque city, such as Rome, built with strong Roman  principles and Baroque planning, steep with hierarchy and order in its character.

We are seeing the emergence of the new city, not necessarily Jacobs or Leon Krier’s visualisation, but a mish-mesh of relationships, reflecting more on what the bloggers were mentioning.

I am really interested in this issue after beginning to read about generative systems and evolutionary architecture by John H. Frazer. A new way of thinking…

(AA School Link)

(Ellipsis Link)

(Autotectonica Link)

This is just the tip of the iceberg…


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