You have got to be hungry…

Hungry for success that is…

Perhaps this was the reason why it is taking me so long to finish my PhD Thesis.

No, I don’t think I am dumb. Maybe, often lazy or sometimes distracted or perhaps not that focused, but certainly not dumb. God-willing I will be as sharp as ever, though at times with temporary memory blockages of certain facts…yes…

But the truth of the matter is that essentially if one wants to succeed one has got to “starve” and be “hungry” for “success”…yes, allegories and allegations…in this case more assertions, nevertheless from a wealth of experience, I must insist…when I say all these things of course.

I had repeated my 3rd year before. I was distracted…very distracted. Sometimes in life one gets distracted. I was 21 years old. Please excuse me…however I picked on my mistakes…hmmm…”not good at construction…scared of drawing perspectives…” With revenge, I came back in the Repeat Year and did “cable structure details ala Kenzo Tange” and “many many perspective drawings”… Well…the lecturer gave me a “C+” but for me my effort was an “A”!

Yes, it is important to have one’s evaluation of one’s work and not just rely one’s entire effort from one fella, who happens to be the lecturer…and what does he know about me, huh? More importantly, what I know about myself.

So I sat about trying to get control of my life and at the age of 23 years, I managed to get a MARA loan to study abroad. I was dying for “theory” because UTM was a technical college cum diploma school then catering for the would-be technocrats, so I did not know then, but I realised I had a different destiny.

I got all the theoretical learning that I needed in the UK and came back to teach at UTM in 1991. At the age of 29, I became an Assistant Lecturer ‘A’ (that was the post)…

Basically the story is about you and me, architecture students of the world and trying to find ourselves, our place in this world…

I told some colleagues, when I retire, I would love to write novels, scripts and plays…like all of us, there is another side of us that people do not know. For example, I love plays. I really really enjoy plays. I like to read films scripts and plays scripts.

So I am not just about Accessible Design and Architectural Education. I am someone’s daughter. I am someone’s friend. I have a place in this world…for myself and my loved ones.

“Learning to Love Yourself, Is the Greatest Love of All…” (George Benson lah, not Whitney Houston…haha)

Well, back to the topic at hand…you gotta be hungry, so you must learn how to starve yourself! Then you will succeed… (mental, my friend…mental & spiritual…)


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