Every Building Has…

at least… a Client; a User; a Design and a Manager…

Every building has an approach, a communication and information system, a way-finding system, an issue between security and access and parking space.

Every building may have inside it a vertical circulation system, a way-finding system, a communication and information system and facilities such as toilets.

When is a building cease to function?

When one of these factors is missing: a Client; a User; a Design; or a Manager.

Without a Client or an Owner, the building is not cared for. It is no more an investment to someone. It may be left to rot and be dilapidated.

Without a User, the building cease to function or is of no use.

Without a Design, the building was not formed and created properly. Even a basic design with a habitable room based on a precept would do. At least it should be habitable, but then again, we have seen some migrant workers living under the Elevated Highway along Keramat in KL. So the building needed to be design under some regulation for long term and legal occupation.

Without a Manager, the building could be badly run and eventually be unfit for use. We have seen high-rise housing where people had to climb up and down to get water supply or the lifts had broken due to mismanagement.

So my conclusion is because these four factors are crucial in a building, we must consider them in our architectural project, especially when it is a live project and a real building.

Perhaps these factors could be dealt with more depth and investigation to their importance in a building later.

Siau Ping\'s Design Thesis

Siau Ping’s Drawing Pictured Above


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