Someone Who Takes Risks

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David Cook’s Always Be My Baby (Studio Version)

What has Design Thesis have to do with the American Idol?

A lot of things really. First of all, both endeavour has a beginning and an end. One is to do with a Design, and the other, well…a Design!

The judges especially Simon Cowell says the most interesting things. His comments relate to ‘the Arts’ more. His comments are more technical than the other judges. Because singing (and arranging and composing music) is an ‘artistic’ endeavour, there are similarities between Designing a Building and Designing a Song and Singing it….

I particularly like the part where Simon commented on “originality”…

Rewind the video and view it again. Analyse it carefully.

Mariah Carey was at first apprehensive about David Cook wanting to do a very ‘girly’ song but he turned it around. He made it ‘original’. He made it his own.

And Mariah was proud, was surprise at the outcome.

Actually, when it comes to Design, there is nothing that comes out of ‘thin air’. It’s how you interpret old material into new. How you give it a breathe of fresh air, another version, your version…

Because Architecture Design is different that Song Composition, one is a physical effect that people experience and the other is an audio effect that people experience. Well…both are effects! There is an impact or there is none!

Meaning a song can be so boring and uninspiring, and so can architecture…

So what I am saying is – One needs to be INSPIRED to do inspirational things.

Don’t be so wound up with what you are doing…get inspired! Go to your favourite places, hang-outs, sketch your thoughts, dream your dreams…don’t be robots!

And yes, the process is a long one. The Design Thesis process is longer than the Song Composing process (relatively) and so you need to pace yourself, like in a marathon. Its a love-hate relationship. I mean, you and your design… so be kind with yourself, get to know the ‘other’ well and it will be more fruitful learning experience…

If you can be inspired like David Cook and take risks…not only you will be inspired but you will be inspiring to others.



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