Its a New Day – Why “Life is a Design Thesis”

Because Life is full of questions and when you are doing your Design Thesis, you will ask lots of questions…and critics, your studio mates, studio tutors will ask you –

Why did you that?

What is your concept?

Why have you chosen ‘that’ topic?

Why, What, Where, How…all with question marks!

And Life – its a New Day really…its today. Its always today. Its never yesterday and never tomorrow…yes, breathing in and out now, aren’t you?

Try to make sense of your existence and try staring at your Life for a while.

What are you about?

Why are you doing this Design Thesis? (And don’t give me that reason – so you want to get your B Arch paper qualification…)

It’s more than that. Tell me straight (to my face) that it’s not more than paper qualification. Tell me straight that today is not a New Day.

What have you got to say to yourself really. (Is that a question?) Yes, it is. It’s a question because you are expected to respond to its ‘query’. Yes, you have got to say ‘something’ to yourself. What? Never had a conversation with yourself? C’mon… please relax and have an interesting conversation with yourself. You owe yourself a decent Q & A session.

You need this because its a New Day… and you want to know. You want to know why ” You are doing this – Design Thesis”… Its spiritual Life and Death…aha, yup…its a tonic for the soul, its where the real action is…yes, it is…you and this New Day of yours…

Get my point yet? (maybe not…but hey – I tried…)

Life is a Design Thesis because on this New Day, you asked the question about your existence; you asked about yourself; you asked the question why… and you don’t have to answer them now, but you need to ask them now… I suppose it works that way… don’t you think so?


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