Design Thesis and Concept

Is there a difference between design thesis and concept?

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If concept is defined as “an abstract notion or idea, something that isn’t concrete” and further defined as “an abstract summary of characteristics that we see as having something in common…and concepts are created by people for the purpose of communication and efficiency.”

Then design thesis with regards to the word “thesis” in relation to hypothesis – which is a set of assumptions that could be explored or tested… then we see concept and thesis having a similar agenda in which to be made “apparent” or “explicitly” conveyed as to provide meaning to the work that is being done. Design activities would result in visible constructs to explain in a way the “phenomena” of what may become of the result or product by way of explaining the concept. Thesis with the set of assumptions need to be reasoned out by research and study of the phenomena.

“Concepts are generally regarded as being at a lower level of abstraction than a theory but a necessary part of any theory, since theories are formed from concepts.” This further suggests that when concepts were being accepted by the reader than it could be upgraded to theory.

So what of “model” or “conceptual model”?

“A conceptual model is composed of a pattern of interrelated concepts” so this means that a conceptual model could explain the pattern when it is put together. And what are these patterns?

“Models may be very simple or very complex. Since the world we observe cannot be observed in totality, each model reflects only a limited aspect of the total world. No single model, or combination of models, reveals the truth of the structure of reality. Each model reveals and orders reality from a particular perspective.”

But these are models that represents ideas and concepts. Will that be similarly explained when to do with architectural design?

Yes and No!

“In practice concepts and especially theories are often referred to as models.”

So in effect, in the coming out with a strong concept could push towards having a theory to explain a phenomena…and that is as good as it gets.


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