UTM Thesis Projects

Check this out, the list below was taken from the Tanggam website, specifically a Design Thesis Studio Unit (called HOME)  this semester at UTM’s School of Architecture.

There are some really interesting projects here ( I highlight in blue)…

I just would like to ask UM’s Design Thesis Studio what they think of these projects by the UTM students.

Which of these topics do you feel is interesting?

I get more excited at this list than UM students list really. Having been a lecturer at UTM, I see a more explorative approach by just seeing this list.

However, the process maybe different. Would love to hang-out at UTM to check out their crits…

The Panel

1. Prof Dr Tajuddin b Mohd Rasdi
2. Mr Halim b Hussien
3. Ar. Marzuki b Mahadi @ Mohammad

The Topics

1. Mohd Fildaus Abd Halim – Evolving Architecture
2. Noor Aini Khalid – Offshore Village
3. Siti Rohaini Mahmud @ Mahmod – Forest Kindergarden
4. Hafsah Sakinah – Women Mosque
5. Khalilah Kamaruddin Iskar – Hip Hop Mosque
6. Noor Fatiha Razali – Muslim Elderly Academy
7. Malinja Teh Shean Ee – Democratic Campus
8. Rafidah Ismail – Students Religious Centre/Park
9. Noormazeerah Madzlan – Organic Tropical Growing House (High Rise)
10. Kamalia Ismail – Teens Community Centre
11. Loh Mei Ee – Chinese Columbarium – Community Culture & Interaction
12. Wong Mei Teng – Christian Community Place for Fellowship
13. Najwa Mohd Thalha – Underground Housing
14. Norishah Mohd Hairy – Islamic Cemetery
15. Amirul Hafizan – Public Security Centre
16. Hor Chee Weng – Disaster Architecture – Global Warming
17. Ismail Ali – Zero Electrical Housing



  1. Hi, I ve noticed you picked up the list of our design thesis proposals from Tanggam. Having finish Sem 1 last semester, we have the presentation boards for the first stage and is now concentrating on our 2nd stage design developments. I have put up my design on my website but unfortunately none of my other frens have their thesis designs anywhere online.

    You may browse my design at my website and please feel free to leave some constructive comments on my website.


    Justin Hor CW
    Architecture for Climate Change: A Self-sustaining Floating Habitat

  2. im just want to ask you either can i get the interesting title for my research. i’m need to study in my research about property..so what the suitable title that can i make the research…thank you

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