Winning Mentality

Riera, Liverpool football club player said today, about when he was in Real Mallorca facing Rafa Benitez’s Valencia team:

“It was difficult to beat them. A Rafa Benitez team doesn’t always have to play well to win because they are very strong tactically and mentally. The idea is always very clear and that’s very important – every player knows what they are doing when they go on the pitch.

“The mentality of any Benitez team is always strong. It’s always a winning mentality, and that’s the feeling I had when I came here (Liverpool FC).”

Winning mentality is difficult to obtain. It takes a lot of concentration and focus. To get there you want to be able to compete at the highest level possible.

Why should we go through all that trouble? For all sorts of reasons. As for me, I want to be able to have an impact on what I do in life. I want to make a difference every minute of my life. Not just for the sake of making a difference to stand out, but to actually do something for society, or create a new idea where other people can inspire or work on later, or to just make something work or make someone work easier…could be so many things depending on what your job is.

Football is entertainment, and yet for some football is their religion. But to me football, is about skills, and about team work personified and magnified for us to take heed of, for us to learn something from.

To have a clear view of things and know exactly what to do when you are given a task is for many people is something basic that people need to do, but in order for that to happen, the coach needs to be clear himself. The correct application to the problem should be diagnosed.

In a studio programme, the studio master needs to be clear in his diagnose of the problem, then the students can go down to the “field” and compete. It’s not just for the crit or presentation, but for the whole learning programme. The students need to be strong mentally, tactically aware and able to apply the correct solution to the problem.


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