A Script for You to Follow

Football has a script. The actors, if they’re great actors, can interpret the script and lines according to their creativity, but they still have to follow the script.  (Arrigo Sacchi – famous AC Milan football coach)

There was further discussion on this where – individuals are adapted to a system, then only the team will work.

The idea that all players must play an equal part in the system. Every player is as important in attack as in defence, and that the players must have the mentality and the capability to accept that the team’s full potential can only be exploited if every player understands and implements the system fully.

No, I am not training football players, but future architects. That I am very focused on. I am using analogies and the conceptual framework of certain managers and coaches when they have a winning team. I use the theories to apply not only in managing and facilitating the design studio and the philosophy of the studio curriculum but also in the department of architecture.

I want to know how systems work. We are not robot but this fascination with systems… that consists of humans performing with emotions and work outputs where its allowed to have huge margin for errors.

Perhaps that system must allow for this “huge margin for errors.” I reckon we did that for some students…we gave them such a long time to find their ideas, because that was how long it took for them. We gave them the time so that was fair.

Did we give them a script to follow?

Did they interpret the script according to their creativity?

This will keep me thinking for awhile.

Forum on this.


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