Options anyone?

There was an earlier posting on Process versus Product.

Interestingly we had a debate about that during the Portfolio Review session for 5th year studio. At one hand, Kevin absolutely underlined the importance of Process over Product, whereby Ferozan was adamant (you can see it in his seriousness demeanour) on Product being more important.

Ferozan believed in “options” and criteria of design performance (hello…I think I am reading something from your research thesis!) and Kevin was more on the start and beginnings of design and following through the process, again and again…

I was thinking about this when I was coordinating the studio this semester. At first I was in the “options” camp, but I have decidedly gone into the “one original thought” camp. To me actually, it is like this – the more mature you are, the more you are into the “process driven” theory, rather than “product driven” theory. But how is it for students, who are less mature than say Huat Lim, who will visualise in his mind’s eye from the start and realise it with his strong visualisation skills. Many students don’t have such visualisation skills, hence having to rely on options A, B and C?

For the first time, I did not insist on options all the way in the studio design process. I use to insist on options. But if the students decided to do options, they may do so. Because I do not want to overkill some slow but talented student with insisting on options. Yes, that’s correct – options can be overkill.

We can continue discussing about this some other time. Even make a thesis out of this!


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