Are you on the Right Track?

George said: ‘You know we are on the wrong track
altogether. We must not think of the things we
could do with, but only of the things that we can’t
do without.’
A character in Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a
Boat 1

When do we know we are on the right track?

Hypothetically we are on a journey, and we have only enough to travel without burdening ourselves, enough to find our destination with whatever we are carrying (tools, means…) in order to get there. So if we carry things needlessly it will be a burden or a distraction or a nuisance…

Have we paused and think about what to bring? Have we think hard enough? Have we been focused?

Have we thought hard and long about the most necessary things that “we can’t do without”?

I do this all the time, carrying extra baggage and being a perfectionist and all. I never learn and its never too late to learn about this aspect of life that is important. Perhaps, it has to do with maturity. But if it makes sense to you, go ahead and unload all that baggage and travel light with enough things that you cannot do without in order to complete the journey…

And surely you will be on the right track because you had thought enough about what to do…for the next step…


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