24 projects, 24 lives

You don’t know really when you first get involved with the 24 projects, you are involving 24 lives.

All you know, as a studio master is that, hey, the special semester is coming and you have to prepare for it, the proformas, the course info., the programme and the schedule. And then you have the first session where everyone presents their two topics and the studio masters deliberate on them, etc, etc.

And fast forward 35 weeks plus plus later and here we are post design thesis stage and looking at graduation…

Every single individual that I have been blessed to meet and be involved with had their own unique destiny with their projects. Each project was conceived with their acceptance. They may have been cajoled and influenced into doing the topic but only with their own acceptance and embrace. It may not have been a tight embrace for some, but then again that would have been more to do with their willingness or unwillingness to be subjected to the design thesis process.

The design thesis process affected their lives. Some grew thin and emaciated. Some grew fatter and flabbier. Some had permanent frowns and furrows. While others had baggy eyes and tears wallowing indefinitely.

Yes, there is no doubt that the design thesis affected them all in their different ways.

24 projects and 24 lives.

It was different for each of them, because they had different reasons to do it. I would argue that the grade that they each received meant differently for each of them. Maybe for one person a B+ is a let down but for another a great achievement. But a grade is just something someone else gave to you. What is most important is that whether you had changed for the better or discovered something about yourself in the process. Your own grade of yourself is more important.


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  1. agree.the print out product and the pure satisfaction of presenting the finished outcome, whether it really did manage to convey the message or otherwise;THAT should be the focus.isn’t that what this is all about?to convince?:)

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