How the Design Thesis Affected Me

The greatest lesson that I learned after being involved with these 24 lives and their projects was that I should never take anything for granted.

Being intimately inter-woven into the whole tapestry of each of the individual student’s thought process, I felt like a ball of “fluff”! I mean the whole trip was immense and I feel like a small piece of fluff, left-over from the whole threading and knitting together of design. I felt humbled by it all.

Now I said earlier that the grades did not matter, but the learning was more important. People would say, it would be easy for me to say that because I am the tutor, but hey, I had been here before, doing a design thesis myself back then in North London Polytechnic in 1989-90. And it wasn’t easy either, although not as rigorous as what my students had been put through in the last year though. Regardless, I needed to state here that I feel so blessed that I was a part of it all.

This is my first experience as the studio coordinator and I was feeling that I sat on a roller-coaster ride in the last two weeks especially. I was praying for the best outcome possible. I mean, if its all up to me, I would not have felt that way, right? We had to defend the students’ thesis to the examiners, internal and external.

The ride was really wild. Bumpy and edge of the seat, hanging by dear life sort of a trip. I wanted so badly for everyone to fulfill their potential. I wanted so much for everyone to be proud of themselves.

Yes, I felt like a small and tiny insignificant thing to this immense and gigantic experience and still feel so. The design thesis experience was like orbiting space and feeling very tiny in comparison to the greatness of the universe. Yes, that kind of feeling of being truly blessed. You may think its weird that I say that, but I tell you, I might have thought I was in control, but in truth, I am the least in control of the destiny of the 24 lives.

I was swept away, even worst then the students, because at least they were doing the drawings and models, while I was just a mere “hitch-hiker” to this unbelievable trip.


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  1. miss naziaty…your unbelievably-enjoyable&thrilling trip awaits you in the coming days!!!hehhehehe…i’ll update you with the 5th year’s final presentation pictures soon…

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