Design Thesis Recollections 2008/09

Today I presented a slide show that lasted about six minutes to the school. I showed snippets of slides taken during the studio sessions, albeit studio pin-up, interim crits and studio inputs.

I started with saying:

When I was asked one year earlier about the Design Thesis – whether sustainability and conservation is incorporated into the 5th year design thesis project, I was hesitant to answer. After a year, I could confirm now that every facet of sustainability and conservation is being explored in the studio. For sustainability, issues were drawn out from ethics, environmental sustainability, economic viability and social justice. For conservation, building and urban rehabilitation and adaptive re-use.

Design thesis allows you to explore, examine and investigate something that you wanted to after all 4 years of study.

It followed this text: (from my other blog postings)

(Starts after first two slides)

The Truth of the Matter

Do you know what the real story is?

The real story about you, is that – You have got to KNOW yourself.

You have got to do anything in your life for your own sake.

If your lecturer says, “It’s a C!” It does not matter. What matters is that your own evaluation of yourself. If you think it’s an A, and not a C… guess what? It is an ‘A’. What matters is not what your lecturer thinks but what you think. Believe me, I am telling you the Truth about Life.

Life is about how YOU see it. Not about how your lecturer or anyone sees it, not even your parents.

This is not about not being grateful to your lecturers or your parents. No, it’s not about that. You are grateful and all that. It’s about “what really matters”. And that is what you think. And not what other people think.

The truth of the matter is – it does not matter what people think. The truth of the matter, is what you think is what truly matters!

(Pause for quote shown in slide)

People say you are not good enough, or that your work is not to par. Well, it’s all up to you to believe what people say.

To be honest, people have to do their jobs and are guided by some rules or beliefs or principles. It is up to you to believe them or not. It’s up to you whether you want to follow them, inside your heart.

Find your own way to evaluate yourself. Find your own truth and that’s what matters most.

In all honesty, that’s what really count, in your life. What you think and what you feel.

(Pause for quote shown in slide)

Let the Design Take You Away

The best designs are intuitive. Because everything that you need to design is inside of you. You just need to let it flow and channel it correctly.

Huat talked about the mind’s eye. He said, “Getting that evasive image in one’s mind’s eye and then executing it is what it’s really about”. In my opinion, that image comes after intense searching, like soul-searching for ideas. It is an exhaustive exercise, being thorough and testing all possibilities or considering all elements in order to find “the one image”. You don’t get it by forgetting it. You can only get it by persistence.

(Starts after first two slides)

This is the core characteristic of a true designer. Engaging him/herself in this search. When the image comes into focus, things starts to make sense.

Do not give up the search for this “evasive image” as it tends to be elusive until you find it.

The perception of being intuitive is not the same as just relying on one’s instincts. It is not child’s play. One definition of intuitive is being insightful. To be insightful is to expand knowledge.

To be intuitive is the first step in being a good designer and to be able to originate and not merely rehashing other people’s images. It is working through a problem and finding an answer. Your own original answer.


Download ppt: Design Thesis 0809 Slides



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