Design Thesis Studio 2009/10

We sometimes ask – about batches of students, about the group that we will be working with. We would not know whether it would be a ‘good’ group or not.

I don’t try to be preconceived, but I am human. I mean, the group thing is important. A group consists of a collection of individuals which will have to co-exist together and in the case of the Design Thesis Studio 2009/10, they seems to gel better than the previous batch.

The Archiweek that we had last week was excellent because some serious gelling had occurred. What was the right ingredients? I think individuals played their part as a team. They worked together and not against each other. However to me the most essential element is they know what is most important.

There are many leaders in the group. And many are women. That to me proved crucial. I am not saying about the Aainaas and the Annies. I am saying that people like Lay Hongs and Sin Yuens have their strengths. And we know about the Cheryls and the Aivens. Not to mention the Ummu Hanis and Fuh Yiings… I know Xin Yun seems to have that far away look, but she’s also in the act.

Its often that guys take the lead but in this case, the guys knew how to give the girls who lead, the space and mandate to lead. And that’s important.

So these are the plusses about the group that I have seen so far.

The Design Thesis journey may seem to be a lonely and painful one (at many times), but with the group of friends / batch mates that exist and making more use of the studio, I think individuals will flourish in this environment and it would be a really good group.


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