What is a Fulcrum?

I was just fascinated with this word: FULCRUM

One definition is: the pivot about which a lever turns (when fulcrum is a noun) Remember your Science lesson? Physics?

Another is: An agent through which vital powers are exercised.

“Vital powers” meaning important and all embracing powers, then. And what powers are these?

Let’s put it in context.

Alonso is the fulcrum of the Liverpool FC. He is the one that sprays passes to the attacking players on the offensive. Sometimes Alonso helps with the defense. He is the “fulcrum” of the team. The agent that exercised the vital powers in the team. He sees the problem and solves it immediately. He reads the game intelligently. He is a thinking player.

Yup, that’s what I want to be. The thinking player. The fulcrum.


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