Seizing the moment

A moment would pass you by. When you least expect, if you don’t catch it, it will slip by indefinitely. You can’t have that moment again.

“Every once in a while, we have our rare moments, when everything seems to suddenly come together, like a good book..but they also go away quickly…the opportunity, the site, the client, the market…we make the best we can from these moments, such we find in projects as point92 “, huatlim.

These rare moments for a designer is depicted in Huatlim’s experience. All of a sudden he got the opportunity, the site, the client and the market all at once.

In the design thesis process, you can make it easier for yourself. You can create the opportunity definitely, and the site and the client. And when you set up the market, you will have a higher level to achieve in your design. To make it real, to produce something that can be transformed and change lives, even more so.

In the case of the designer, it is possible.


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