Wanting it too badly

Trying too hard.

Wanting it too badly.

Feeling as though each every day thing you have done the last 24 hours somehow has some bearing on the outcome of tomorrow’s game. Of course it doesn’t. Still we do it though – now is time to be calm, take a deep breath and take stock.

Reading the Paul Tomkins meeting with Rafa this week has just reinforced what I already knew. We have a top man, a genuine and good-hearted man, at the helm of this club. He lives and breathes it and deserves, commands and gets (in most parts) our respect.

Second in line is a more local figure head, but no more passionate than Rafa in terms of Liverpool and the city. Sammy Lee is the lungs and pulse, keeping the players from the edge of failure.

Thirdly we have Kenny, the King, the arms and legs of this club now reaching out, taking us to new places and meeting new friends, extending the hand and greeting old ones.

With these three we cannot fail. Let’s not get too hung up about tomorrow, or the next game. Relax, keep the faith, have the belief, and inhale and consume all the calmness that Tomkins returned with him on Wednesday. We are in good hands and sometimes we need reminding.

Yesterday, whilst interviewing supporters in the city centre, a local man simply said that ‘every true Liverpool fan is behind Rafa…. he has been good for Liverpool and the city and knows us’.

And there you have it. 50 years ago a sure of himself man from a Scottish mining village came in to Liverpool and had to spend the early years transforming the out of touch club. The man we have now does know us – he has been here before.

(Taken entirely from a post by a poster named Rafas3leggedtable from the Red and White Kop Forum.)

Believe in yourself.


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