Design School

In my opinion, we should not lessen our commitment to create a Design School.

A lot of people are afraid of the word – DESIGN. Engineers who do design give set parameters and criteria to achieve a design. Similar with Industrial Designers.

Artist are at the other side of the spectrum because their art is for themselves. When they design for others or make work of art for others to consume, then they set out criteria and parameters although it could be with a bit more freedom.

Architects are in the middle. There is an argument that architects are not needed sometimes. Just use the previous working drawings and you will get a building.

So why the need to be critical?

The reason is one and one alone.


Humans need to innovate, to find the best solutions, the best design, to improve and make better products.

If we do not strengthen our Design skills, we will be left behind.

Design is subjective but that is when there is innovation.

The risk of not knowing and the finding out.

Design is not formulaic, so for students of architecture, you need to give yourself the chance to be designers.

Design school is first and sustainability just happens to be one of the other concerns.

Design skills are basic skills.


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