Flash and Bling-bling

I just cannot shrug off this feeling that my students are seduced more by flash and bling-bling rather than go for content and relevance.

At the 5th year level you’d expect certain skills to be second nature but for a majority of them, you have to teach them again, things that I would expect to be learned in the 2nd year.

Of course, I am not blaming students entirely on this. Those set of skills, why is it not there?

I don’t go blaming this and that without research. I have to do some research on this.

The level of concentration that these set of students compared to say our first and second batch in terms of learning architecture history is also of a concern. I will not discount the possibility of my quality of teaching, but I taught the same way and the same things the previous batches as I did with the recent 2nd year batch, and I found that the quality had gone down.

I am beginning to finger-point to too much “flash and bling-bling”… Too much unwarranted distractions and not knowing what is more relevant and not prioritising or knowing how to prioritise.

Why? Is it common among students of architecture or students in general nowadays?

Or our curriculum and the execution is poor?

I need to find out more….


One comment

  1. I’m sixth year architecture student in Ghana, West Africa. One very thing our lecturers complain of, is the focus on graphics and presentational aesthetics instead of basic functionality of design. in a quest to add glamour to presentations, the necessities of basic process and hand sketches in design are lost.I would really like to contact you one on one regarding my pending thesis on a HOLIDAY VILLAGE.

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