UM School of Architecture

I am writing some notes down. What do you think? These are just drafted notes to be edited and revised later.

Chart of Competencies for Bachelor of Science in Architecture (based on Malaysian Architectural Board’s objectives but interpreted in UM’s programs)

At the end of the course, student must be able


1. To draw free-hand plans, sections, perspectives, so that people can understand and it is clear without having to explain or be present (REPRESENTATION)

2. To draw diagrams, conceptual and annotated, so people know exactly what the idea / concept is without the author having to explain or be present (REPRESENTATION)

3. To interpret and analyse the client’s brief, user needs, functional requirements and planning consideration and synthesise all aspects in plan shown clearly (PROCESS)


1. To analyse and interpret from the site / urban context using tools and diagrams and to conceptualise into the scheme that shows concept relating to the context clearly (CONTEXT)

2. To refer and use historical and architectural precedents, design masters’ teaching and draw out ideas and synthesise into a scheme that is clear in its intentions. (PROCESS)


1. To use environmental science and building technology principles and rule of thumb to solve the problems in design relating to human comfort and buildability (ENERGY)

2. To  analyse and use examples of sustainable design from existing building sites and real examples (such as Lok Wooi’s house) to create a design that at the very least use passive energy design principles (SUSTAINABILITY)


1. To deliver and complete projects on time, using time management techniques and present well graphically and verbally with clear and concise objectives (PRESENTATION)

2. To interpret and apply the laws and principles like Universal Design, Means of Escape, other standards and guidelines to achieve a holistic building (SUSTAINABILITY)


  1. Naz,

    these r my personal comments (not LAM nor PAM), and I hope they help. My comments are made in response to trends I see in our local schools during visits and accreditation exercise and graduates we receive in practice. These comments are made consistent to the current practice of Architecture in Malaysia (unless the Rule of the Game changes), knowing very well ‘Teaching Architecture’ and ‘Producing Architects’ maybe 2 different thing. These are made in order of Priorities;

    1. VALUE:: Ultimately the purpose of a University Education is to mould a cultured persona, person with Good values in Life. The teaching here is ‘implicit’, discipline, punctuality, time management,professionalism, maturity, honesty, integrity ad Trust etc.(things we cant actually teach, but can be influenced by the aura and personalities of lecturers and the uni systems).

    2. DESIGN:: To create Value to a Design, efficient layout, spaces, good ergonomics etc & aesthetically superior (than a layman’s effort:: ‘delight’), to produce Architecture not mere Buildings

    3. TECHNOLOGY:: ‘firmness’, Constructibility, Structures, Enviro services, understanding and mastery of bldg. materials to effect good construction & ‘delight’.

    4. HISTORY:: To produce 2 & 3 above without Context would be an expensive mistake for the society, hence History, and understanding local context must be inculcated.

    5. PRACTICE:: Byelaws, rules and regulation, Bomba, Fee scale, Forms of Practice, Business of Architecture, basically the Rules of the Game and where the Boundaries are.
    ( The dilemma here is what good are they for mastering item 5, when 90% ends up becoming non architects? )

    The real test is in the Implementation:

    i.The Phasing of Imparting the necessary Knowledge and its comprehension (by student), and their integration into design.
    ii. Gradually improving all 5 skills over the 5 years time frame (UIA accord).
    iii. Upon graduation, they are left with a sense of purpose in Life, earning Good Living, care for society and environment, in search for life long continuous improvements…

    Then, you have successfully produced a ‘Good Architect;.


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