I dream of Architecture

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I dream of Architecture

Daily dose of Architecture

Just want to comment some stuff that I read in these blogs.

From Daily Dose, we found this piece of quote (advert) on an event:

A new concept of the city has emerged among contemporary urbanists. Architects and planners now frame the city not as a set of independently regulated functions but as a mesh of landscapes, spaces, and policies. Streets, paths, parks, and infrastructure are elements of a constantly shifting system that joins the particularities of place and overarching social goals. In this new environment, planning tactics, management techniques, policy goals, and fiscal strategies continuously interact. Building on the Fall 2009 “Rights of Way” symposium, “Moving Toward Utopia” addresses questions of power, health, equity, and ecology that confront and are fueled by new design strategies. “Moving Toward Utopia” will bring together a distinguished group of urban thinkers to examine the implications of new approaches to the design of public spaces. What kind of city lies ahead?

Just as I suspect, it’s all about “system”. Sometimes things don’t fit and guess what? I have not fit into the system. Sometimes you cannot see a system outright until you are in it, experiencing it, like I did in Japan. Anyway, when I was in Japan, I had no problems with accessibility on the trains, because the system of taking care of the passengers had already been enmeshed in the transportation system. System within system, integrated and working like clockwork.

Actually the piece from Daily Dose, architecturally provided us with a view, other than the normal view that we get from people (normally), ie mesh of landscapes, spaces, and policies…

Anything can change, nothing stays the same…

But within the system. Yes, there is a system, but whether it is providing for what you want or expect, is another thing.

‘Constantly shifting system’ is another interesting concept, meaning that everything belongs to something and most outrightly its a ‘system’ and just that, it’s organic and have movement to merge with another. Ecology? Urban ecology?

Always, we are trying to define things. To make sense of things.

Lastly, What kind of city lies ahead?

It is worth discussing and try to find a structure or make one. What do work best on? Models? Words? Drawings? Diagrams?

A chair is still a chair, even when there is no one sitting there…

When does function comes into effect to an object? When it is in use?

Before being sat on, the chair is a chair. After it is sat upon, the chair is a chair, but what does not have a function before it is used? Precepts = are they also concepts?

I need to read more…


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