Design Thesis Proposals – reflections

Interesting to note the difference between what the design thesis students said (thought of) in the beginning and what they actually did in the end (in bold). This is for batch 2008/09


Shazuin – Cultural/Arts based project… Kevin reminded the difference between Culture/Arts and Heritage and we have to “clearly” see the difference between these two themes…Heritage is static or to do with the past and tradition, where else Culture/Arts are evolving… (this comment would apply to all who are interested in the theme on Cultural/Arts.)

Farhana – A project in the context of Melaka’s inner historic city, ie Jonker’s Street. Something to do with the pedestrian precinct (in view of the Structure Plan that targets vehicle free zones etc)

Boon Siong – Automobile themed project…Kevin suggested ‘Proton Production Factory’… Ferozan suggested to refer to the Winner for the RIBA President’s Medal Award (Gold winner, a few years back) as a reference to this project…

Iskandar – Socially themed project… to do with Pasar Tani / Pasar Malam…or an Aerospace themed project…or an Automobile themed project… Kevin suggested if Boon Siong doesn’t want the Proton Production Factory, why don’t Iskandar take it instead… (Later the Fire Station Project interest Iskandar…)

Asrul – Tourism themed project, and he spoke about the Central Market and RMK9 (?)… I suggested a context based project would be suitable like Masjid India area…

Seng Yeap – Restaurant or food themed project…the issue of “complexity” was questioned by the future studio masters…

Aisyah – Health care services project in Ipoh…cited Structure Plan also…Health park…the studio masters threw other projects on “post-surgery/post-cancer/alternative medicine”instead…

Ammy – Training Centre for Agricultural Machinery… the studio masters threw ideas on Agricultural Products rather than the focus on machinery… again, issues on “complexity” was voiced out…

Wendy – Autism kids and Arts and Crafts Centre…whatever it is, the topic needs to be digested and understood quickly so Wendy need to make a decision on the thesis…

Pei Kion – “Confinement” centre for women… or something to do with a Women’s Centre… it sounded so bleak to “confine” women…

Yee Ping – State Library in Seremban…(Can go and refer to Kevin as he did that for his thesis…)

Zuhaili – Something to do with Underground Music…a club?

Ikhwan – Bangi context…possibly a library or pasar tani…

Yusup – Performance Arts Centre (seems like some of the batch not satisfied with their 3rd year projects – see Seng Yeap’s Restaurant…) Helena said a specific genre would help, cited on the Indian Classical Dance Centre by our graduate Kesavan…

Sting – Something do with Melaka’s archaeological diggings at the “fort”…Helena and I mentioned about the Middleburg Bastion which the authorities are digging… (maybe Sting could do it…the Melaka Experience!)

Kok Yong aka Philip – PAM Centre…the studio masters were overjoyed – finally someone’s going to do it… Kok Yong wanted to deal with the Malaysian Identity or something like that so his next idea was The National Museum…then he was thinking about The Bus Terminal in Muar or The Stadium in Muar…

Kar Wai – Pudu Raya Bus Terminal…

The projects are listed as below: (in the end the following were the topics…)

1. Disaster Assistance & Rescue Training Centre – Asrul

2. Kendiri: Servicemen Rehabilitation and Community Centre – Azizan

3. Budget Airport Terminal – Freddie Yeap

4. Tropical Monsoon Mall – Ikhwan

5. ASEAN Islamic World Centre – Mohd Afif

6. Children Rehab Hospital – Aisyah Razin

7. Dance Sport City – Chung Pui Gin

8. Chendering Fisherman’s Wharf – Yusop

9. Book Park – Umy Fareena

10. Perodua Design and Brand Centre – Boon Siong

11. Centre for Independent Arts – Shazuin

12. Mosque – Zuhaili

13. Memorial Park in Bukit Seputeh – Gan Kok Yong

14. Eco-literacy School in FRIM – Kong Seng Yeap

15. Penang Chinese Opera House – Lim Wey Shan

16. Bangsar Community Library – Yee Ping

17. Malaysian Institute of Art – Lim Kar Wai

18. Cross-border Station – Ammy Yusnida

19. Mah Meri’s School in Kg. Sg. Bumbun, Pulau Carey – Farhana

20. International Students Hostel – Pei Kion

21. Revitalization of Pasar Seni – Wendy Gan

22. Reinventing the City’s Fire Station – Iskandar

23. Museum of Modern Art Kuala Lumpur (MoMA_KL) – Kwan Yan

24. The Revitalization of Malacca Old Fort – Sting



  1. Pacilia,
    don’t you find it amusing..especially Zuhaili from a Club to a Mosque and Seng Yeap sounded so undecisive but yet was very decisive once sem khas was on the way….yes, that’s the clue – stick to your decision!

  2. hi miss nazi!! i had to do a double take on the year ur post was published, this is year 2010 ke 2008? lol.glad to have been there with you as our studio master 🙂

  3. Hi Yeeping…I forgot to post a similar thing for this year’s batch…haha…even during portfolio review batch you was mentioned again…ingat dah habis dah…

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