Design Thesis 2009/10 – Internal Examination ie Portfolio Review

During the Portfolio Review (Internal Examinations) on the 7th of May 2010, I had to defend my students work.

Last year, I had Anthony Too, Lim Take Bane  and Kevin Mark Low to assist with the defense.

Not this year. Well…Reena was there but I had to do most of the talking. Somehow the discussion veered to the previous batch (2008/09) and there was a question on the size of the project.

In a Design Thesis, it is not the size that matters, but the depth of resolution. The depth of thinking and refinement. The depth in research and intensity.

There were no apparent issues it seems from the examination panel. Critical thinking and origination were taken on board and has been accepted. I reminded the examination panel that the Design Thesis would do very well with our Masters of Architecture course when that takes off. I am sure some other person (who takes over the course) may have a different take but this is the department’s system so far. This is the system we had used since its inception in 1998/1999 and I had managed to draft it out in a nutshell. I will publish it later.

It is a matter of implementing and tweaking the system now.

I will wait until we finish with the External Examination before reviewing each project for the Design Thesis Studio 2009/10.

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