Design Thesis : A Catch 22 situation

I have no say in this.

What I have is a proposal. Where clearly we need to really understand the situation at UM School of Architecture.

My proposal is clear.

I do not take design thesis studio next semester because I want to help second year studio.

Design thesis studio will do fine. The system is there, in place. There is no problem. It is a long process 14+14+7 weeks = 35 weeks excluding holidays.

That’s 35 divided by 4, almost 9 months… you have sufficient time to make mistakes and get a brilliant concept.

So what’s the problem?

Design Thesis is a Catch 22 situation.

Definition of Catch 22: “A tricky or disadvantageous condition”…

Disadvantageous for UM School of Architecture if we rely on sorting out our designers late in the stage. We do not sort out in the second year or the third year. We leave it late until the 5th year…

It is not doing us any good.

Sure, I could do it again. And again, and again… but we are not really being wise, don’t you think.

Everyone can be selfish.

But in the long run, we lose. Think again, very carefully.


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