twenty design thesis students 2009/10

I had twenty design thesis students. I had them from special semester 2008/09, semester 1 2009/10 and semester 2 2009/10.

Somewhere during semester 1, I was appointed the Head of Department. It was September 2009. My life became upside down and I could not provide the exclusive support that I had given for the previous year. However, my students were immense and gracious in all these shortcomings.

Apart from my low CTES grades that my students gave after  evaluating me and the other studio masters, I could understand their desire to excel and yet the support was not 100% there. I knew that I let the programme run a bit late. For some students it was really “cut to the chase” and very close call to submission day.

This was partly what I said in an email to these students on the 14th of April after the Final Presentation:

This will be a frank view of this year’s Design Thesis Studio. I have seen you all with your pin-up work, each one for at least 20 minutes, monday & tuesday. And I have given my views on your upgrading work together with going through your 3 sentences.

Personally, I feel you all as a group are really, really good. Better than last year, overall.

This is quote from my ex student (last year) on my facebook comment:

ur students sgt bagus this year..most of the project need ‘critical’ thinking..and some of them,managed to do VERY WELL on their project..RIBA should be ok…no need to the way,congratulation..

Actually my ex students assessment above is not an isolated opinion as the critics were pleased last Thursday. They were looking at the level of depth in thinking. They had that look where they were “challenged”. So in that case, I congratulate you guys for challenging the critics. For being a brave bunch.

The twenty design thesis students that I had, challenged themselves and they gave all they could.

I wish to congratulate them and thank the other studio masters involved.

My greatest respect to the 20.


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