A film reviewer said that the movie Inception had ‘ambition’ and that was essential in creating and realising the movie to be able to sit at the top of the box office now.

I thought about the word ambition and realised that if I had less ambition, my life would turn out differently or I would tell a different story. To prove to yourself that you could achieve a high grade for your design thesis is a noble ambition. An ambition would take you to possibilities and places that could be wonderful.

I would argue that being ambitious is not a negative trait.

Thinking back I would have to say that I could be no more ambitious than I really was. It was not possible to be more ambitious because the balance and harmony of it all would have been disturbed. I believe I could be sick and fall ill if I was being more ambitious than I was.

I was really pleased to find this link, using a diagram I made earlier. That is two times now that my diagram had been used or referred to. Although this link is not about ambition but about ‘design info graphics’, I would like to illustrate that this is why we blog. Like in Inception the movie, we see ‘ideas’ as the most important thing. To get ideas, we must have ambition. As far as we can go, we will make these ideas as clear as possible.



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