Design Thesis Statement

I found an interesting read by Jeff Goins on Writing a Thesis.

My interpretation of what Jeff wrote was that there are two ways to go about defining your thesis. One is to go about getting your statement sorted by asserting your argument that you want to prove from the outset. And the other way is to free-write and discover your thesis along the way.

Apparently brainstorming is central to the whole idea of getting a thesis sorted.

We can do this in so many ways.

A position and assertion is important. That is to actively state a position of intent, based on “research and logic”.

For the design thesis studio at University of Malaya, I found that students are not confident. Their skills in analysis and finding the right precedents is lacking. They were not trained to have this skill in the lower years and in Malaysia generally, the students tend to find an easy way out in designing, either by fitting function in a pre-conceived form and idea or short-cutting their analysis.

I suppose that is where I would like to draw the line between students who wants to actually learn the correct way of designing and students who just want to get a pass.

Going back to creating a design thesis statement, there must be a narrative, strong and striving to take the visitor along to appreciate the design thesis. This needs so much introspection and excellent skills in analysis.

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