Aesthetics or Function

When I read about the Kinetic Wall that was installed, I wonder if the main purpose why it is built is based on Aesthetics or Function.

This sort of structure or installation is intriguing because we do not know what is the purpose or what need it is fulfilling. We always start designing to solve a problem or fulfill a need. Then it all makes sense.

But is it necessary so?

Because there are some things done merely to be pure conjectural device. Or something does not have a beginning but addressed in the middle. Our rational self do not accept this asking questions – just because. There must be an over-riding need to answer a question.

Well, maybe this installation is pure art. So why not? Like you can show anything for the sake of art. You can show “crap” for the sake of art. But this installation is interesting, like a box of curios that you find or a folly of some sort. Maybe someone would find it amusing or even practical.

However let me turn this around to a design thesis research question asked at the beginning or during the process of design. For example, we had the project by Pei Kion when she did the International Hostel, where we asked her to explore how to make use of the space better, perhaps having a bed tuck into the wall and be pulled out when it is needed. So there you go! There is a need to be fulfilled, ie a design that is compact and fit into a small space. Flexibility concept?

But if it is an installation, scuptural or art, it merely gives thought or conjecture to objects and that is fine.


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