What is Architecture?

I really love this article / interview by Archinect with Ben Nicholson. It is one of those really inspirational piece that you come across once in a while.

I love when Ben talked about how he studied architecture just following these individuals around. That’s the way to study. What a spirit this guy has.

Article on Ben Nicholson

Just look at this quote by him:

…Frankly, I don’t care about building that’s not the issue for me. The issue is making comprehensible very complex systems – all complex systems, meaning all the sprue of cultural endeavor are brought into the picture. So, if you could make something or think of something that engaged every aspect of human endeavor, that’s what I’m interested in! And if it’s a building, that’s fine. Or if it’s imagining it on the Internet, that’s fine. I don’t really care, because I don’t think it really matters how it’s realized. What matters to me is for there to be this craft, this culture, and this way of seeing the world that is deeply interested in manifesting, sorting out, and creating poetry to the palimpsest of human endeavor – and that’s architecture.

Craft, culture and way of seeing. His drawings are amazing. It really is so uplifting.

Here are the guys that interviewed him: Archinect. I have put them in my link and looking forward to reading about their articles from time to time.


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