Thesis Ideas >>> Architectural Ideas

Yesterday I spoke to my students about turning Thesis Ideas into Architectural Ideas.

An External Critic last week complained to me that my students are stuck on analysis and are not moving into design or producing architectural ideas. I agree wholeheartedly and am thinking how come like that? Of course I knew that all along and I know why as the process of turning Thesis Ideas into Architectural Ideas is not magic and is painstaking and methodological.

You would think that architectural design is subjective and spontaneous and hey presto! You have a design!

This is a myth.

Architectural design is objective and deliberate. We do not believe in Function follow Form. We do not believe in form-driven process. We do not believe in short-cuts and lazy thinking.

Anyway, issues derived from the in-depth study has been processed and tested (crit over and over again) and keywords of ideas are proposed and this in turn has to be visualised as architectural products, best shown in whatever means, site plan, elevation, section, perspectives… sketched manually and drawn over and over again you will get a design that is developed over time, every day and night into a well-massaged design.

Along the way you must ask the what, how and why questions? What is my thesis? What is the subject matter? How can I ….. Why did I do this topic?

Conversations with yourself will help immensely to come up with a more compatible proposal. A proposal that comes close to answering those questions….



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