The Idea of a Concept

A chair is a concept. There is a generic concept of a chair. It must have a seat and support off the floor and a back (if not its a stool, another concept).These three basic components make the object a chair concept.

Different chairs have different concepts or variation of the generic concept. It may have arms to support our arms or even a head rest. It may have legs or a steel upright with castor legs, such as an office chair. Let’s go to an IKEA store or a humble furniture shop and you can see the many different concepts of a chair.

I went to even describe a boy or a girl as a concept.

So what about architectural concepts?

It is simply to address the type of building and the generic concept of that, say hospital, airport terminal, house, school etc. The variation of the generic concept would not be any good or innovative if the generic concept is not studied carefully. It is easier to innovate based on a thorough understanding of the generic concept. Read the definition, keywords, components, inside/outside, historical background, theory and everything that is to know about the generic concept.

In the next section, I will be discussing some of our design thesis studio projects concepts.

In the case of Nur Akmal’s School of Architecture at Central Market, I admire Akmal’s persistence to use the word ‘parasite’ in explaining her concept. A more precise word would be ‘parasitism’ but then we are not arguing grammar use here. In my opinion, it actually worked better for her when she used UM school of architecture to develop her concept and eventually coming out with a viable scheme.

This is the same for Nuriana’s Psychiatric Centre that is modeled after UMMC’s centre. She added programmes from her research of the Fairweather Lodge and others. It does not matter whether she had revised the programme to be a newer one. It is fine if she simply use the UMMC’s programme, but because it is now on a different site, there are many design challenges for her to make a thesis out of it. Back to the concept issue, hers is not that apparent but it seems that the idea of ‘human’ and ‘nature’ could be the constituents of her concept. Her take on what constitute a Psychiatric Centre. Yes, it would greatly help her case (thesis argument) if she could explicitly explain her concept.

I will write further on this later.

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