Blurred Vision

I am curious. How come some students are so blur?

I think the blame is on the invidual (student) and no one else.

You have to grab the opportunity and make it on your own.

But sometimes we see students with blurred vision.

Did they always have this blurred vision?

Or did they put something in their eyes so that they cannot see clearly.

That something, it could be anything. It could be ‘denial’, ‘fear’ or just plain ‘laziness’.

I have been like that before. Usually lazy. But something jolted me.

Do I have to be the one to jolt the students so that they lose the blurred vision and see clearly.

Many academics loath the fact that these 20 something (usually 23 years old) young adult needs to be spoon-fed like babies.

Some people also accuse me of spoon-feeding, which is not right.

But I look at it differently.

These 23+ year olds are born in the Consumer Generation.

Those that believe a university degree is a given.

That other people, the Government owe it to them a life of cushiness and luxuries await. The car, condo, wife/hubby is a must in life and that there are short-cuts to get there and why not use them.

Do not use short-cuts especially the one that I call “blurred vision”.

That you make yourself ‘blur’ because it hurts to know the truth. That you are lazy to think, or lazy to make the effort to listen to your teachers. That you blur yourself into tricking yourself that you are good as everyone, when the fact is that you are not good enough at the level you are engaging with.

Clear up your vision. Make it 20/20.


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