Developing Your Scheme

This is not the first time that I touched on this subject of how to translate the architectural programme into ideas. (See below)

Architectural design can only be realised by the designer by originating. Wholesale ‘cut and paste’ do occur but it will not develop the designer’s confidence. Therefore, the designer will go back to ‘square one’.

Students of architecture need to break away from the programme oriented approach and just focus on getting inside the design. Using role-playing and narrating about the architecture as if you are in it and using it would really get you to engage deeper into the design.


The definition found on this word is: To bring into being; create; and/or; To come into being; start.

I have discussed about ‘origination’ before.

Thesis ideas > Architectural ideas

Doing Original Work

Someone Who Takes Risks

As a designer, much is to do with taking a step further or a perceived ‘risk’. No use to play safe. Origination may be taking something that has been done before and do a new version of it.

So, students of architecture would take a hospital and do her take on it, or a science centre and do her take on it. Same with the kindergarten, the museum, the community centre, the architectural school and so on.



  1. Ya. No use to play safe.
    But, not all students are understanding about it.
    That’s the duty for lecturers to bring them out of safe zone…haha

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