Process Driven Design – Part 1

I have talked about Process versus Product before.

If  I ask most of my students, they would nod their heads in agreement when I say that their work is form-driven.

I was starting to write about this and I thought that easily studio masters could demand the ‘product’ from the student telling them ie you must have this drawings, this models etc. However, do studio masters teach the process? Do studio masters  ‘design’ the process in the studio programme (or even understood it)?

If the process is not taught,  students become (automatically) form driven. They will look into magazines or whatever to obtain and justify how they got the form. For those who just follow what studio masters say without thinking and reflecting, they get frustrated at almost every turn. There are studio masters that ‘force’ (or coerce) the students to be form driven but students will not obtain an important skill if they persist with form driven process.

Form driven process is a short-cut to obtaining a design. There is not much introspection and research and drawing is often in the minimum and fall-back to the computer aided design ‘short-cuts’.

So what happens to process driven.

It is all about drawing and the cycle of drawing, over and over again. Students should stretch the time taken to draw manually over and over again until there is no more time but to produce. The thinking process while drawing is done and made again and again until it becomes natural.

Of course when you start to design and you have to have crit, you would have to produce, like based on AJ metric or some standards. There was a project in 2nd year where you use the architects design principles and approach to design, but if that architect is form driven than you are back to square one. You need to follow approaches that is process driven especially in your development years as a new designer and would be architect.

Design thesis has an approach that is process driven, so many students might be reluctant to follow at first, so that’s why they are so late at getting the concept.

(More later)

One comment

  1. ” For those who just follow what studio masters say without thinking and reflecting, they get frustrated at almost every turn. “

    this is so true 🙂

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