The Hard and the Fast

In trying to learn and making sense of our individual world, we sometimes find the hard and the fast.

Sometimes we find the hard and the fast together which when metaphorically speaking, ‘bangs straight at us’, hitting us like a bolt of lightning and a sucker punch.

We were minding our business thinking all is fine and sundry, then out of the blue, something hits us hard and we are floored. We did not see that one coming!

Teaching is unpredictable. That is why I love teaching. All that drama. Sometimes it is a boring soap opera, re-wound many times. Once in a while it’s a full blown tear-jerker tugging your emotional seams till it breaks open seamlessly.

I did not see many or any tragic-comedy yet but I hope there is one coming. Maybe it is happening now, so I can laugh and cry at the same time.

And where am I in all this?

Right in the middle…and seemingly lost as always.



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