Form is Impermanent

During the Design Process, we need to force Form to take a back seat.

Developing ‘soft issues’ which is similar to working on the functional aspects of the design, must take importance and precedence until we start designing for ‘sense’ and ‘exploration’ of experience, which is  before Form beginning to take root.

And even if we come up with the Form, we must always be ready to tear it to pieces and start again, because the Form is not important.

Form must never be permanent. Because what we seek is the Sense of Place.

Place, and the experience of it, must be the sole objective, taking over Form.

For so long we have been trained and worked in a way that we manipulate form and the digital software just simply leave us to think less, that we just lose ourselves and we do not innovate or push the envelope of what the experience can be.




One comment

  1. totally agree with this post, i never believe in just form alone. a good or bad architecture should never be judge based on the elevation, form..i think it should be based on how well it reflect and express the purpose of the building which serve mainly as place for human being

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