Program – why it is important to understand

We learn from what worked and what did not work before. I have seen some students struggle even till the end straining and striving to produce, but many times I have seen students copiously producing their drawings, like water flowing.

In the Design Thesis process, the students came up with their own brief and devised their own program.

They either use a client’s brief and interpret it or assumed a client’s brief and interpret it.

I think there is something wrong with omitting this process, short-cutting and short-changing the process, just to produce something.

The figure below shows a process diagram that included (Kevin’s)

Elements > Scheme > Concept > Reality

Program certainly came before these processes.

The architectural program is the interpretation of the client’s brief. It will be clearly shown by doing research and deciding on the ‘elements’ (many many things including material, size, shape, form, structure etc).

Then these elements are put together to make a ‘scheme’ which rationalize in plan and section and 3D.

The program should be tested in semester one or at an earlier stage by determining the elements and creating a scheme. The program can only be realized if it is the right program by testing it and seeingĀ  or more precisely feeling the concept.

Why leave it late in semester two?

This happens to the majority of the students. But the process must be done.

The concept cannot beget by magic.

diagram -program



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