Project Brief: Understanding the implication of choosing a topic

What project topic or title should you choose? At the design thesis level, a student explained to me about how he went about choosing a project to be explored and design for his design thesis. He decidedly chose a school because he wants to focus on the building type. As we know it, design could be influenced by the site or the building type. I have discussed it before here: LINK.

If its a school, what makes a good school design? How does the school designed make a good learning environment? These were the questions the student mentioned. His design approach would then constitute to be ‘the building type driven’ rather than site driven. Thus his concerns would be what are the problems of an existing school. And from his research, he would set out to create a design problem that is objectified to start his design process.

It happened before where a student would rush to talk about something when he is not ready. It is not enough that he allowed preparation time for himself just two days, or one day before crit, where there is not enough time for him to summarise what he read, but solely relying on other people’s opinion (and what he read ), which resulted in the student not having the time to digest and question what he researched. When a student just accept whatever facts he found in the research that he read and not able to form assumptions (opinions), it is similar to just copy everything which is not your point of view or your own opinion. Many design thesis students do not see the importance of interpretation as the problem stems from assuming that the design process at the design thesis level is the same as when they did the projects in the lower years (where the project brief is given).

You really need to be prepared and form your own opinion before you start talking about your ideas and scheme.


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