Case Studies in Architectural Design

Case studies are used by architects and it is a form of study where research evidence can be found from many ways, where in architectural design we usually use these two ways: (1) participant observation; (2) interviews.
Why is doing case studies important?
When we refer back to the design process:
Elements > Scheme > Concept > Reality
(Kevin Mark Low, 2012/13)
For the beginning stage, I have expounded this design process for
Elements = Program + Site + Ideas
Ideas < > Program = Function + Typology = Building type study
Hence we need to find out the experience of the Users that use the building type. For example, Encik Faisal (Klinik Perubatan Putrajaya) related to us about the function / flow / program / activity of the building type (as further explained by Dr Mastura).
For the students doing the Kampong Community Library, you have many libraries in the UM campus where you can visit and in the program brief you have a variety of spaces where you need to study the function, so it is a good idea for you to interview the librarian (FAB library) for example.
So case studies, learning from good and bad practice will give you a better understanding and with that knowledge able to start your design better.

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