Design Thesis – the very first week for M Arch

Today we had the very first session for the design thesis studio for the M Arch course.

So far there is a timber mosque (forcing the designer to find the perfect site?), cemetery (universal? about death, not high-rise…and of course about the living), maybe some community architecture or apocalypse scenario where there will be no cars, archaeological rock painting museum (find programs for the community…), mental health care institution (shall we de-institutionalise it?) and the Shah Alam Stadium. Interesting topics, am looking forward to the final topics though. The lecturers voiced out that the students are playing safe again. The same old projects again…

As a ‘coach’ this is the time to ‘push’ or ‘pull them out of the holes’ and start digging elsewhere. Start asking the big questions. Start researching probing, making analysis, be critical, making connections…


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